It was dark and damp in our basement, I used the light over the billiards table to sort and pile old photos. I couldn’t ask for a bigger flat surface to work on. I emptied all of the dusty shirt boxes and tattered envelopes to begin organizing my family’s history chronologically. As the piles grew and the images were labeled, family and friends gathered to pull a stack and relay the stories that were woven into each photo.

Thirty years later, telling a story has been the cornerstone of my creative life. Whether it is working in journalism and book publishing, organizing images for family and friends or researching family trees, I have a passion to help others gather their memories and tell their stories.

My friend and mentor, Women on Fire founder Debbie Phillips said:

"All stories matter...just a snippet can change your life."

I believe this is true. Just one new story shared in your family, with pictures to support it, can teach so much and through the generations.

With digital photo devices and printing services, people are confused, frustrated and anxious about the ever-growing digital “pile” of images as well as the boxes of print images earlier generations are passing along but not organizing.

Now imagine, clean and clearly-labeled boxes of your family’s entire printed photo library. A computer drive with all digital images sorted and curated. Photo books with memories easily-accessible for any gathering or event. I partner with my clients to bring them pleasure and delight in organizing and enjoying retelling their stories. Ready to start? Contact me today to get your free consultation scheduled.


  • Photo Book Creation - 6 years
  • Scrapbook Building - 10 years
  • Professional Book Publishing - 12 years
  • Photo Organizing - 31 years


  • photo organization
  • project management (PMP Certified)
  • quality control
  • on-time delivery


  • Mac / Windows
  • Google OS and Apps
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • PhotoShop 2015
  • Photo cropping & correcting
  • Scanning
  • File management
  • Cloud storage services
  • Print production

Portrait photo courtesy of TRUE Studios - BrianCaiazza