Tired of looking at those boxes and envelopes of disorganized photos? Did your parents give you all of their old snapshots in old albums or tubs? Worried about the thousands of photos sitting on your computer, phone, tablet, camera cards, cloud website and more? Let's talk.

Want to arrange those memories into a photo book capturing that fabulous vacation? Want to pull together those years of team sports, or your everything from your beautiful wedding? Thinking of other ways your photos, digital images, and memorabilia can be enjoyed? Let's talk.

How do photos impact your life? What can you do with them to bring them to life? Want to learn more about taking care of your print and digital photos? Check in with my monthly blog to keep in touch with the latest news in photo organizing and photo services! 

"Thank you for capturing the memories of our trip in such a special way with creativity and attention to the details! The photo book is a keepsake that we will treasure for a lifetime." – Julia B.

"For years I had wanted to create a heritage book for my parents, but I didn't know where to start! So, when I handed over boxes and boxes of family pictures to Karrie, I felt a huge sense of relief! Karrie was awesome to work with! She dove right in and scan, sorted, and organized the pictures. Then Karrie suggested a variety of book options and layouts. After getting my input she created a digital proof that was amazing! All that was needed to complete the book was few picture swaps and a little bit of tweaking! I couldn't believe how easily it all came together! In a short time, Karrie created a beautiful, heartfelt book that my family will treasure!" – Kim D.

“Fantastic job of organizing and presenting the many ‘chapters’ of the photo book. Great layout ‘instincts’ to showcase the photos! The resulting book is wonderful – a family heirloom!” – Nancy T.

“Now that we’re living in a permanent digital and online world, we desperately need people like Karrie to rescue and restore the old prints and negatives from our childhood… and Karrie does it with a lot of warmth and personal attention. She’s both an artist and a conservator and took extraordinary care organizing and visualizing my project. After both my parents passed away, trying to make sense of all the prints, negatives, cassette tapes and videos was overwhelming. It was just too much for me to handle. Somehow, Karrie organized decades worth of material and created a timeline that’s both meaningful and easy to navigate. It’s an amazing way to capture and immortalize all those memories and it all fits in a portable hard drive. I couldn’t be happier.” – Jeff M.


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