Sharing Memories

The transition from summer to fall is one of my favorites of the year. As a kid summer meant riding horses, swimming (a lot) and loads of time cutting grass. Moving into fall meant sweatshirts, crisp leaves, playing at the park, and still cutting grass. How do I remember this? I have pictures.


The last couple of summers-into-fall have been a bit different. As the temperatures change I reflect on fond memories, then I pull down an album or photo book to take to my Mom--as she suffers from early-onset Alzheimer's. While older memories are readily available to her, the more recent seasons with family and grandkids are not.

Dropping off a recent photo book, or an old family album brings her more joy than any other gift could. Events from my childhood she can recall and laugh about. More recent events with my siblings or children she looks at with a smile...she knows the faces even if she can’t remember all the details.

While she enjoys flipping through those formal wedding albums and other key events, she seems to take pleasure in what I call the “everyday” albums -- the ones that capture little events in the course of a year, the ones that include my kids’ artwork and certificates (digitized and included).

We didn’t see the Alzheimer's coming, but I am thankful that I have always enjoyed photos and memorabilia, that I find it rewarding to pull those items together in a book that can be shared. Now we have a “family library” of her images and mine that she checks out and keeps for weeks, to revisit all the times in her life--as well as the lives in the the generations after her.

Are you overwhelmed by photos from that recent wedding or graduation? Not sure where to start? Let’s talk! Contact me for a free 30 min assessment and we can form a plan to digitize your photos, tackle your memorabilia, and bring your stories out for you to share.