Get Sorting...Get Organizing in Three Simple Steps!

One of the greatest joys I receive in helping people with their photos is providing relief for clients  when we develop a strategy to tackle their memories. I’ve heard sighs of relief and expressions of gratitude for just developing a strategy (without touching a single photo). Regardless if your photos are in boxes a prints or slides, or on hard drives or devices, feeling overwhelmed is common. By focusing in on a smaller chunk of work, you can begin the organizing process for yourself. Do you think your pile is impossible? Try these three simple steps.

First ask yourself:

  • What would organized photos look like (boxed neatly, scanned, organized digital folders)?
  • If my photos were all organized what would I do with them (frame some, put in an album, make a book)?
  • How would others enjoy my photos (walking past pictures, flipping through pages, watching a slide show)?

Second, once you have this vision, determine if there is a year or topic or event that is exceptionally meaningful for you:

  • Would you like to have all of your son’s soccer photos in one book showcasing his efforts from elementary school to high school?
  • Would you want a beautiful digital slide show of your fabulous vacation set to music?
  • Would you want to pull out the last 5 years of family group photos and hang them on your wall?

Finally, start small. Pull only the photos that fit this goal out of your boxes or off your devices. Afraid of getting sidetracked by other images? See if a child or friend can help. Ask them to find every photo that has a soccer uniform or soccer ball in it. Make it a game. Once you have your images, quickly sort through and put aside any that are not worth working with (blurry, out of frame, duplicate).

Now you have a selection of images ready to move forward towards your vision. Need someone to digitize, organize, produce or publish these images? Contact me for your free 30-minute phone consultation.