World Photo Day

Have you ever seen an image that takes your breath away? Is it a landscape? A portrait? An amazing active shot? Something that captures a treasured memory for you?


If you can say yes to any question above, then I’m happy to share with you World Photo Day --coming August 19, 2016. This day is all about celebrating the joy and power of photography. Founded in 2009 and based on the anniversary of the Daguerreotype as the first practical photo process, World Photo Day is a great day to think about and appreciate all of the great photography in your life.

Do photos in your life overwhelm you? Are they spread across all of your digital devices? Do you have boxes of prints in your basement or attic, closet or under the bed that cause more stress than joy? World Photo Day is a great day to get focused and make a plan in 3 easy steps:


How many boxes of printed photos do you have?

Approximately how many digital images do you have?


Would you rather have printed photos in digital form?

Would you prefer your digital images are easy to search and retrieve while safely backed up?


Reach out to a Personal Photo Organizer to get more information on digitizing photos, organizing files and securely backing up these treasured memories.

World Photo Day brings attention to a medium that triggers memories, stories, and sharing. Take the steps you need to make these memories, stories and opportunities for sharing easy and enjoyable.

Click on the World Photo Day banner above for more information. 

Have you answered questions one and two. Ready to move ahead? Let’s talk! Contact me for a free 30 minute assessment and we can form a plan to digitize your photos, tackle your memorabilia, and bring your stories out for you to share.