Attic Treasures

When I was 11 years old I thought it was really cool when my parents pulled that just-out-of-reach cord and pulled down the ladder that led to our garage attic. As a small child I never made it past one or two rungs on the ladder going up--it just seemed so high. But at 11 years old, we were moving and it was time to go up and figure out what was sitting in this garage attic.

My mom and I headed up one early summer morning (before it got too hot). Crouched almost in half, we looked around at the mishmash of boxes, old appliances, tools and other assorted bits spread out across planks laying over the rafters. My Mom immediately zeroed in on a pile of boxes labeled with her handwriting. Before we could start evaluating the entire storage situation, she had pulled the lids off, sat down, and started revisiting old memories. These boxes contained all kinds of items I had never seen before...the cloth napkin from the fancy restaurant she and my dad went to for prom, porcelain dogs wrapped in faded newspaper (she apparently collected as a teen), old photos that she inherited from her parent’s move years before. As I sat with her listening to explanations of items, two thoughts kept swirling…

  • Why have I never seen this stuff before?

  • Why do we have to sit in a dusty, stale attic to enjoy these things?

These two questions stayed with me as I established home after home in my adult life and now the home with my husband and our children. Photos and other memorabilia should be easily accessible, and it should be something I can easily share with family, friends, and my children.

I believe having these items handy when a story comes up, helps my children understand who I was growing up, who my husband was, what our families were like, what the times were like, and ever more, what their grandparents  and other family members and friends were like “way back when.” It’s a challenge to try to store everything thing we treasure, but why not take pictures of those items and make a book, tell a story, and share those memories without climbing a ladder or dusting off a box? Whether you keep the items as well, or part with them and keep the book close, pulling together photos and memorabilia is a great way to quickly call up a story...whenever you want to share.

Are your memories tucked away in a basement or attic? Not sure where to start? Let’s talk! Contact me for a free 30 min assessment and we can form a plan to digitize your photos, tackle your memorabilia, and bring your stories out for you to share.