New Year Old Mess?

When the holidays are over I always feel a sense of organization returning, putting things back where they belong when the decorations come down. It’s a chance to fluff up, dust off, and refresh each room just a little bit (not the heavy-duty spring cleaning that comes later in the year!). It’s also that time to reset and get the steps in place to get in shape.

Do you feel you are ready to dust off and refresh those digital pictures from last year? When I talk about photo organizing, many people are put off by the sheer effort of trying to get their digital memories in shape. When they think about 2016 and the number of devices, digital cards, websites, flash drives that all of their digital content lives on, it’s enough to reach for the last of the holiday cookies.

Never fear, digital organization is one of the quickest ways to get your memories in shape. Once organized, the possibilities open up for some photo books, albums, 2017 calendars, slideshows, and more. What's the best part? You don't have to get anything "ready" for an organizer to help you out. We are used to's okay! 

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