Small Gift from the Heart

For many friends my age, we find it challenging to select the right gift for our parents. They don’t seem to need anything so birthdays, Father’s day and more are a challenge.

One year I was flipping through some old black and white photographs of downtown Columbus Ohio that my husband’s Grandfather had taken in the 1930s. We decided to go out on a sunny day and shoot those same urban scenes today. I printed and placed those photos side by side in a small album.

I gave this album to my Dad one Father’s Day. As a lifelong resident of Columbus and a business owner in the construction industry, he was intimately familiar with most buildings downtown. This simple gift was an instant hit and for months he carried that album in his briefcase sharing it with other longtime construction colleagues.

This little album didn’t take long to create and didn’t cost much. Today digital photo books make it even easier to assemble. But the value to the recipient is priceless.

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