Overwhelmed When Getting Organized

Recently I was talking with a great business and speaking coach about how interesting (and needed) photo organizing is. If it was easy everyone would be organized! But with the confluence of inherited print photos from parents and unlimited digital photos in our own lives, I find clients feel overwhelmed.

But what are we talking about when we say overwhelmed? My colleagues and I use this term frequently but I had the chance to break it down a bit more. Clients are overwhelmed:

By physical scale – when getting organized it is best to bring all of the photos together to create a plan of attack. This alone can be daunting.

By emotional impact – for just about anyone reviewing family photos this can bring on a host of emotions from joy reliving those special occasions to pain and sadness that loved ones pictured are no longer with us.

By lacking direction – when you are so emotionally tied to these collections it is challenging to take a step back and become more clinical in deciding what to tackle. 

I believe diving deeper into this understanding of how my clients (and potential clients) could be experiencing a sense of overwhelm helps me help them. My goal is to provide joy, connection and relief for you and your family--around your photos!

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