Summing up that Sport

In the last six months, both my children marked major milestones:

  • Ethan (age 9) became a first degree black belt in Taekwondo

  • Morgan (age 13) became a second degree black belt in Taekwondo

We have celebrated each milestone in their progress toward their black belts, and have the “belt towers” to commemorate these steps. However as they step back, I felt it was important to have something tangible as a point of pride, something to share with others “hey I did it!”. For each, I made them an 8x8 album.

Looking back on their early days as white belts (they look so young!) they are clearly eager to learn about this ancient tradition and it’s place in today’s world. As they moved forward they understood more about leadership, compassion, responsibility and respect. Ethan responds to many requests at our house with “Yes Ma'am or Yes Sir!” Morgan leverages her boost in confidence born of being selected as a student instructor.

The amount of practice and dedication they both exhibited toward their goals is commendable at their young age. Both felt after several years of this hard work it was time “retire” (they can go back at any time) to pursue new interests. For Ethan that is basketball and guitar, for Morgan that is silks. However their accomplishments shouldn’t be forgotten, and more importantly should be easy to share. These simple photo books help them do that!

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