Digital Anxiety

Do you suffer from digital anxiety? Do have that drawer, box, baggie that all of your camera cards, photo CDs and memory sticks gather in? Does it seem like they are multiplying?

On a recent visit with a close friend that I haven’t seen in person for several years, I touched on what I do for a living. I immediately saw the digital anxiety rise in her face and in her voice. “I’m worried about my digital photos” she claimed. Having gone through a difficult divorce, she had a camera bag full of camera cards and CDs but had no idea what was on them. She wasn’t sure if she had the right tools to access the cards, and she had NO IDEA if the infant pictures of her two lovely daughters were on the cards or in the hands of her ex on a hard drive somewhere.

My friend loathed the idea of having to ask him to look for these images, and yet they were critically important to her...her daughters were already 8 and the time is flying! So I took the baggie of cards and CDs back to organize for her.

In no time we found she had nearly a decade of digital photos covering almost every month of the year...and cover her past all the way back to pre-marriage, pre-kids. And YES the infant photos were there as well! I felt such joy assembling one external hard drive of everything she wanted to access, knowing all she had to do was plug in the USB cable and everything she was looking for was right there.

As a mom and a family historian, I experience the relief for my clients before they do as I assemble their digital history in one, easily-accessible place. I was overjoyed to pass that relief on to my client and my friend!