Are Your Photos Future-Proofed?

One of the photo organizers “best practices” is looking at digital photo storage and developing a 3-pronged solution. Many people like to keep their photos on their computer hard drive, but as soon as that hard drive goes bad, the photos are lost. We suggest to clients something like this:

  1.  hard drive
  2. external hard drive
  3. cloud

 For me, we are fortunate to have a home server solution (we are extreme geek in our house) so I had already accomplished the first two steps:

  1. hard drive (our server)
  2. external hard drive (server backup)
  3.  ?

However step 3 always alluded me. Cloud solutions have changed dramatically over the years from the integrated Apple-based solutions to free-for all Google and Dropbox solutions. Cloud storage can be really tricky if you are unfamiliar with these options. Many are not set up to handle the bulk of high-resolution digital photos nor support a standardized file structure. There can also be limits to how much (in GB) you house in the cloud. For some people, they have also had the terrible experience of having their cloud provider simply shut down (usually without much notification and losing their photos as a result). Digital rights has also become a hot topic (who really has access to the photos and photo content you are posting) but that is an entirely separate blog coming soon.

Doesn't this sound frustrating? Most of my clients do want to share their photos through the cloud with family members but don’t know where to go. I have finally solved my step 3 dilemma with Forever - a cloud storage solution that is built for storing and sharing photo files. Some of the benefits that I was thrilled to take advantage of include:

  • Account is your permanent digital home
  • Guaranteed for your lifetime plus 100 years
  • Permanently store original full resolution images
  • Supported filetypes: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF
  • Content triple backed up, encrypted & secure
  • Connect, share with, honor friends & family
  • Digital file migration to new file formats over time
  • Goal to last many generations beyond the Guarantee

My photos can safely reside here, it is a private cloud so I control who accesses my photos, and Forever’s business model is to continue to make my collection relevant no matter what digital file formats may come around.

Now am I posting absolutely every photo I have to Forever? No. Server storage and the external hard drive backup are extremely cost-effective options that allow me to unload an entire set of event photos (from our camera and various phones) in one place. From there I update the file names from the default camera names to follow the photo organizer file name best practices. Finally, I indicate (through tagging) the best of the best photos that I will ultimately use in a photo book, calendar, wall hanging or other option. Only those curated photos then go into Forever for backup and sharing.

I definitely experienced a sense of relief having accomplished step 3. I’m also thrilled to not be the only “keeper of the photos” but able to share these digital albums with family. Forever offers many other services to make the best use of your photo collection, however it is the simple archiving that helps me complete my backup solution!

Does organizing, renaming and uploading sound like a chore? Want to get there faster? Contact me for a free 30 minute assessment and we can form a plan to determine your digital photo backup solution.

 TurningLeaf CurationServices is a proud affiliate of Forever.