Slide Mystery

The more people I talk to the more we all bemoan the big photo trend from the 1960s and 1970s...slides! We all have that box of slides still in the round carousel or rectangular trays. Unfortunately these take up a lot of room and are not the easiest to enjoy. Adding to the complexity it is even more difficult to transfer them to something more accessible, like a digital file.

As I continue to learn more about photo preservation, I set myself on a mission to get our family’s slides under control. I leveraged a terrific 35mm slide storage system called “box-within-a-box-within-a-box” by Archival Methods. Setting aside one Sunday to just organize, it didn’t take too much time to go from mess to organized with a solution that does not take up much room.

Although I was interested in getting this collection under control from a space-saving perspective, I originally was not all that interested in immediately converting the images to digital files because they were mostly travel photos (from before I was born!). However, as I slotted the slides into the little slide trays, I began to see pictures of myself in my early that I don’t recall ever seeing before!

This led me to set aside some slides for digitizing and incorporating into our family photo books. To do this there are several scanning options from sending slides to a scanning service to DYI by renting equipment. I’m excited to bring to life additional images that I’m sure the entire family has forgotten about until now.

My expansive collection of slides is now turning into a compact storage system with at least 3 photo books in the works. I can’t wait to share these with my family!

That box, bin or closet full of slides beginning to be too much for you? Want to start enjoying the photos you are missing? Contact me for a free 30 min assessment and we can form a plan to digitize your slides and find out what memories you have forgotten!