Moving Towards a Digital Collection - Step 1

More and more I’m working with clients who want to digitize their photo collection for backup, space, and ease of use. Whether you have boxes and boxes of loose photos or all those binders of sticky/magnetic sheets, the shift to digital can be overwhelming.

The best approach is to organize the physical BEFORE going digital so you don’t replicate chaos in your collection. I love to help others break this approach down into manageable chunks. Let’s start with your album collection!

Do you have lots of binders of magnetic sheet albums (the clear cover over sticky pages)? What about all of those scrapbooks that you (or someone else) spent so much time on? As much as we enjoy them, they take up a LOT of room and are difficult to share with any family and friends that are not local.

The first thing you can do is review these books with one thought in mind - which pictures are the BEST? We printed a lot of photos particularly in the 1970s and 1980s but not all were winners. Time to curate so every photo you save is the one that tells the story. I suggest clients sit with a book and a pad of small sticky notes. Any photo you absolutely want to save as digital, put the sticky note over the photo on the protective cover.

When you are finished with a book, this activity will help you in two ways:

1 - Take a look at all of the sticky notes you have applied (not necessarily the pictures underneath). Does this seem like too many photos? Not enough photos for your digital collection?

2 - Take a pass over the remaining photos (not covered with a sticky note). Did any go by unnoticed? Do you feel comfortable in leaving them out of your digital collection?

Taking this first step will propel you forward in your digital collection goals. Make it fun by reviewing an album with a friend or relative or at a family gathering. Make annotations on the sticky note of date, location, people (if you don’t have that captured already). Know that you are taking the first step in keeping your memories alive for future generations!

Not sure what your digital library could be at the end of your efforts? Contact me for your free 30-minute consultation to understand that future photo collection.