Moving Towards a Digital Collection - Step 3

Although it takes some time, you are moving forward towards your digital collection. WELL DONE! Now let's talk about the last step in getting ready to go digital. Putting all of the pieces together.

If you have both the albums you have tagged for the BEST photos and the trays/boxes of loose photos sorted by year, you will want to take one more pass in sorting. Are your loose photos duplicates of what are in your albums? Have you inherited other loose photos that make sense to be integrated into the best photos from your albums? We can put these questions to rest and know we have a complete collection with this last comparison.

Pull the albums that correspond with your trays (if by year). Flip through the loose photos and find the corresponding album pages. Are the best ones in the albums? Then you can consider moving the loose photos to an ultimate discard pile (this may be another tray or box for now -- realize you may not want to discard these yet). Find other loose photos that complement the ones already selected in the album? Slip them into the pages or keep an envelope to collect these in and tuck into the album for reference.

Do you have albums by event (vacations, birthdays, holidays)? This will take an extra step of sifting through the loose photos and pulling out the corresponding event. Once you have them collected you are ready to do the comparison outlined above.

This may seem to be the toughest step of all. It can be a lot of content and a bit more time consuming. But remember you are driving towards that complete collection of the BEST photos.  Again, tap into family, friends and kids to help with this review. Know that you are taking the third and final step in keeping your memories alive for future generations!

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