The Photo Send Off

Photo organizers work in different ways. Some come to your home and work independently in your space, some sit side-by-side with you to organize your collection, and some (like me) work in their home office after picking up or receiving a shipment of your photos.

These workstyles are developed to match the needs of clients. A portion of clients cannot bear to let photos leave their possession – so in-home work is best. Other clients find great relief in getting those tubs, boxes hard drives, and even laundry baskets full of photos and albums out of their home and into the hands of a professional. There is a client-organizer pair for all types!

I prefer working out of my home with your collection for a number of reasons:

  • I move very quickly through my workflows and it can be challenging for a client to work at that pace
  • I am removed from the photo content so I’m not pausing to reflect on the memories these photos represent
  • I created dedicated space and built security to take great care of my client’s possessions
  • I have the opportunity to add little touches and small gifts for my clients with resources at my fingertips

One client recently told me when she shipped the first of many boxes of photos we are tackling, that it felt like she was shipping her dirty laundry! Many times, people have an instinct to “get organized” before they allow me to start, but it usually becomes a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Load up the dirty laundry – I can take it!

Her metaphor stuck with me as I began thinking of my next steps when receiving her boxes. There is a lot of “wash-rinse-repeat” type repetitive steps in my process. This allows me to go from the large-scale challenge into the details of creating a highly-organized photo library. There are some images to set aside as they are delicate while other photos are not the quality you want in your final collection. However, I’m excited to know she is will receive a “shiny clean and pressed” collection which will now take up less space and is backed up for peace of mind.

As I work through this project, I’ll keep pondering those laundry metaphors and how this service improves her life. Funny, it’s a drag to do my actual laundry, but a joy to do this!

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