Wedding Photos...Revisited

With wedding season upon us, I started thinking about my 18th wedding anniversary around the corner--and my 20th in just two short years. Although hard for me to believe, what is more painful is realizing there are so many memories I don’t have.

See back when I got married, the photographer I CAREFULLY selected due to his AMAZING photography only shot slide film. Post-wedding, my husband and I gathered at his studio to revisit the day all over again on the “big screen” as we flipped through slides and determined what was going into our album.

Of course at that time we could not afford much, so our final wedding album had around 50 photos, mostly the obligatory photos of formal family groupings (make sure everyone is pictured at least once!). I remember being at the studio in TEARS because I couldn’t afford all of the wonderful photos captured on our special day.

Fast-forward 15 years, by the time my brother and his fiancee get married, he simply purchases ALL the photos from the wedding photographer. He has EVERYTHING. However their challenge became trying to assemble a meaningful wedding album from SO MANY photos.

Since our anniversary was looming, I recently reached out to my wedding photographer--did they even keep those slides from 18 years ago? The answer was yes AND they were having a vault sale where they were discounting the purchase of ALL the images from an archived event. My dream come true! So as a professional photo book designer, I rushed over and purchased my archive. Then (with the kids on the couch and some popcorn at the ready) we used a borrowed slide projector to flip through the more than 300 images from our wedding. The kids got to enjoy the “big screen” photos and the fact at one time their Dad had hair! From there I curated the key images to tell a new story, and sent them off to a trusted vendor to be scanned. What now? A fabulous wedding album is currently in the works with more than 175 images telling the story we couldn’t tell before. I couldn’t be more delighted and I hope to do the same for you.


Do you have a CD full of images but are not sure how to make a meaningful photo book or wedding album? Let’s talk! Contact me for a free 30 min assessment and we can form a plan to digitize your photos, tackle your memorabilia, and make the images for your stories available to share.